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Flat Fee Legal Services

If you are having family legal issues and need an attorney that will help you fight for what's fair, contact the team at The Law Offices of James S. Lewis in Atlanta to help make this process for you as simple as possible. We also provide a flat-fee structure that's helpful for our clients with less complicated issues.

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The Law Offices of James S. Lewis
Family Law:

  • G.K.,MD.
    "I have been very fortunate to have Jim Lewis's assistance for my complicated legal situation. His firm has been very helpful and always responded in a timely manner to any of my questions.I have no hesitation in recommending them..."
  • H.G.
    "I would have languished in the system lost and adrift had Jim Lewis not taken control of the situation. He really listened to me and understood what my frustrations were and took the necessary actions to help me to a fair conclusion. Always being there to answer my calls and questions meant a lot. The staff at his office treated me with respect. Thanks Jim."
  • MK
    "I started my case with a different attorney and have never been so frustrated or disappointed with anyone before. Took weeks to get replies via calls, and never a reply via email. Finally after much frustration and more, I contacted the law offices of Jim Lewis via email first to see what they recommended and if I could change lawyers for my case. I received an email response same day, and calls as well. After my initial visit with Mr. Jim Lewis at his office, if I ever needed a question answered, or anything at all, whether it was by phone, email, what ever, I always got a response usually within an hour or two, almost always same day as well. He helped me cope with my situation as well as he could, recommended people who would look out for me, and always made me feel like I was important even though he was always busy with other people at the same time. I am glad I took the time and changed law firms for my case! This firm is one I definitely would use again if the need ever arose!"